Truly Online to Offline

Club4SMS is truly online to offline! you can even reply to messages even without a GPRS connection and they will be delivered to your contact's Inbox.

Online to Offline
Online to Offline - Photo


Club4SMS is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone and iPad and yes these phones can also message each other. You can also use the application from facebook to send messages.


Club4SMS is available in English, Urdu, French, German, Portugese, Russian and Tamil languages.

Online to Offline - Photo
Online to Offline - Photo

Have Fun Texting

Club4SMS is an app that makes your regular texting fun and enjoyable. Compose SMS with multiple templates available online e.g Birthday greetings, health tips, love messages, jokes template etc.

Support for Unicode

Send messages in any language. Use French (Francais), English (English), Russian (Russe) or any other language your users speak and we'll make sure the messages gets there properly formatted.

Online to Offline - Photo
Online to Offline - Photo

Global Reach

Club4SMS is connected to mobile carriers the world so you can send SMS to users on more than 1,000 carriers. There is no need to maintain multiple carrier relationships and connections to get global coverage. Just use our app and we'll deliver it.